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Tucson to Texas

Twas the night before road-tripping and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring, especially me.

Getting on the road for any length of time is an arduous task for me. As much as I claim to love adventure and trying new things, I’m also a homebody. This makes life a little bit complicated. I want to do that new thing and hang out with the cool kids, but I also want to be in bed with a good book by 9:30 pm.

Snow in Tucson

You may not believe this because I started from Southern Arizona, but the day my moving pod was packed it snowed. All Day. Big, wet, flakes of snow kept pouring from the sky and everything got wet. Yech.

Seriously. Here’s a picture. (UPack, you are welcome for the free advertising – feel free to make a donation to your favorite dog-related charity in my name.)

It’s amazing how much you can leave behind when you pick the smallest moving cube! It’s a bit of a relief, and I’m grateful to the whole Marie Kondo craze to helping me make some tough decisions. (I’ve also decided I need to get better at spatial visualization. I had no idea what 8’x7’x6′ actually meant. Now I do.

The Dog is Not Happy

Deuce is my shadow on a normal day – after a few months of packing and then a day of high stress while loading the cube, she was not letting me get up for a tissue without following me. It’s cute, however, I did worry every time she got up because I could tell her knees were bothering her.

On the morning of our departure we caught up with most of the neighborhood dogs on our final walk in Tucson. The snow had finally stopped and although it was cold, we had time for sniffs and nose nuzzles. Deuce had so many friends in Tucson and so did I. It made it even harder to leave!

The normally dry heat of Tucson is great for dogs (and people) with achy joints. Despite her thick black coat, Deuce was happy and comfy in our desert home – don’t believe people who tell you that your thick-coated, black dogs won’t like it there!

On the Road, Again

For someone who says, “I’m NEVER moving again” every two years when she moves, I ought to learn my lesson, don’t you think?

I’m giving in and accepting that moving seems to be the way the Universe shakes me up and keeps me from stagnation.

When we started, I put Deuce’s bed on the back seat, length-wise. I thought she could get comfy on that. The truth is, it was just lumpy enough that she couldn’t get settled and I could tell she was uncomfortable.

The original set up in the car wasn’t comfy for Deuce.

Eventually I pulled the bed up and set it against the door so she could lean against it and still have the entire back seat to stretch out. Deuce is a good traveler, once she settles in, she sleeps peacefully. (or at least closes her eyes and pretends to sleep peacefully.)

By the time we got to Odessa we both were ready for a break. If you’ve been reading along, you know that wasn’t really the case.

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