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Then We Found Hope

Arkansas, that is.

When we finally got out of Texas I really wanted to get out of the car and kiss the Welcome to Arkansas sign!

It wasn’t in the cards so we kept trucking through until we arrived at the Holiday Inn Express on Hervey Road in Hope Arkansas. Maybe it was the long days on the road talking, but I was particularly tickled that I had to pass through Faith to get to Hope. However, as my sister-in-law pointed out on my Insta post from that evening, I was soon to be beyond Hope!

When you drive across the country with your dog, there are, obviously, a number of things to consider. Foremost is getting a good night’s sleep. That way you can both be fresh for the next day’s drive. By and large I like to drive in daylight hours which means getting up, having a quick breakfast and coffee and hitting the road before 8:30 in the morning so I could pull in and find dinner before 6 pm each night.

Deuce is a good traveler and like all of us she needs to get out and stretch her legs and have some water and a potty break along the way. Overall we preferred stopping at gas stations for breaks. That way we could fill up the tank and then pull over to a spot near some grass for a little walk. I’d leave her with the windows cracked while I ran in to take care of my own business. It was a great system – I managed to hit my daily step goal every day of the trip!

You’ll remember that our stay in Texas was less than stellar – so it was an added relief to find this gem of a hotel. Here’s the review I posted on

We stayed here on a recent Cross-country trek with my senior dog. She’s about 60 pounds and 14 years old. Driving is taxing for both of us and after a long day on the road through TX we were happy to get to Hope!
The front desk clerk was a delight and the room was clean, quiet and comfy. We were conveniently located near a door at the end of the hall and it was easy to get in and out for a walk!
Within walking distance is the Dos Locos Gringos restaurant – which has a great staff, pretty extensive menu and fresh food. Highly recommended.

BringFido review

Arkansas was a good stop. The people were friendly, the property was clean and easy to access from the highway and the food from Dos Locos Gringos was delicious.

Got any tips for me about Hope?

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