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Snow Dog

Kiera in the snow

With the snow we’ve been getting in Tucson this week I’m thinking about Kiera more than ever.

She made the cross-country trip with us, both Mr. Writes and I wanted her with us, although we knew the trip would be hard on her. She was a trouper, keeping Mr. company for 8 or more hours of driving each day and we’d meet up in dog-friendly hotels from East Coast to Tucson.

Kiera loved the snow. When snow would start in Virginia she’d paw at the door until I let her out. She hated when I would go out to get her in. Seriously, I would worry that someone would call the humane society on us for leaving our dog out in the snow.

She was happy in the cold and stillness though. It suited her to be left alone. She was a deep, soulful dog with a playful spirit.

When Deuce and I woke up and went for a walk in the flurries I immediately had my heart go to Kiera. Knowing that she is finding her own snow wherever she is now, and that she’s watching us as we enjoy her favorite season.

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