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    Gratitude and Grace

    One thing I know for sure is nothing happens in a vacuum. It really takes a village It’s been said it “takes a village to raise a child,” and I can assure you that it takes a village to have a meaningful life. Without my “village” of friends and family NOTHING in my life would be possible. My village picked me up when I was literally on the floor, sobbing. My village sent me wine, books, socks, flowers, cash, moving supplies, humans, co-pilots (both virtual and actual), food and so much love that I can barely contain my immense joy and gratitude. If you don’t have a village like this,…

  • Divine Dog Wisdom cards box with artwork by teresa shishim
    things I love

    Divine Dog Wisdom Cards

    Divine Dog Wisdom Cards Divine Dog Wisdom Cards are so much fun and eerily prescient. Divinatory Decks aren’t new to me I’m not a newbie when it comes to things mystical or metaphysical. For more than a decade I’ve been reading Tarot and hands and dabbling in things like numerology, astrology and Lenormand. I’m also a meditator and yoga loving gal. I tell you this so you know I’ve been around the block a few times with various Oracle and Wisdom card decks. The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards deck was a surprise Christmas gift from one of my sisters and I am so delighted it’s hard to write this post…