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8 Legs Walking

Back in the day I owned a boutique dog-walking and pet-sitting business in the DC Metro area.

I started that business about a year after a plane crashed into the Pentagon. I worked at the hotel just up the street from that big building and started asking myself if maybe there was something else I wanted to do with my life. Or actually – what would I at least want to try if I didn’t know how much time I had on the planet.

Turns out I wanted to try being an entrepreneur and I wanted to help people and their pets.

That was an amazing experience – in the 5 years I owned my company (before selling for a nice profit) I immersed myself in all things dogs and cats and rabbits and even turtles! I wrote a blog for my company and had a bi-weekly newsletter.

Writing about dogs and pets in general was so much fun that I started speaking to groups about caring for their pets, and helping families who wanted to add pets to their lives.

Before I knew it my company was winning awards and I was on the Board of Directors of one of the national pet-sitting organizations.

Life being, well, life, I sold the company to pursue other interests. Turns out all those other interests have led me back to writing and to dogs.

I wanted to call this blog 8 legs walking, in honor of my regular posts on twitter back in it’s infancy. At the time I had the great love of 2 amazing chow-mix dogs and each day we’d take our walks together, no matter the weather or my mood.

In 2016 one of my two girls passed away, and I lost the desire to post my walks as 6 legs walking.

I didn’t go with 8 legs walking, obviously. Instead I’m going with obvious – Writes with Dogs. Because as a freelancer I focus primarily on topics related to dogs and to natural health and healing remedies. And because if I’m going to commit to writing here regularly – once a week is the goal – can you keep me honest? Then I need my dog by my side.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to exploring the world of dogs with you.

black & white photo of black dog with big eyes.
Here’s the dog I get to write with – Deuce!
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